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search engine optimisation

boost Google rankings | from £200

Extensive research project

  • Keyword and competitor research

  • Google Search Console & Google Analytics plug in

  • Complete audit of website’s content and usability (up to 10 pages): analysed by Google metrics, keyword density and Web Core Vitals

  • Keyword mapping and content strategy to target lucrative search terms


 Research package plus:

  • Sitemap creation and upload

  • On-page SEO - Content enhancements including meta-information, image alt text and maximising keyword density

  • Usability and mobile site speed enhancements to address broken links and core web vitals issues

  • New content creation and link building on webpages to enhance page authority, expertise and trust


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Ongoing SEO flexiplan

  • 'On the go' research and on-page SEO, adhoc or by monthly plan.

  • Regular checks on each webpage’s ranking throughout 3 month ‘season’, monitoring page engagement as per keyword mapping & content strategy

  • Content and page tweaks made to enhance page performance as per Google SEO metrics

  • 1, 3 or 5 hours of time-stamped SEO work completed per month, with all work detailed in monthly invoice.

£25 - 1 hour

£70 - 3 hours

£110 - 5 hours

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SEO methods to enhance your site

Keyword & competitor research

Before getting stuck into implementing on-page Search Engine Optimisation, it's essential to do the proper background research. Utilising Google Ad tools, organic search exercises and valuable insights from leading competitors, we can draw up a list of the most lucrative keywords for your business that will draw traffic in the right way. This can then inform later strategies to enhance content and make needed changes.

On-page SEO

Your website is already filled with unique, educational content. Using keyword density analysis and page ranking insights, we'll make on-page tweaks to better signal to Google what the page is about to attract more visitors. Further on-page changes will be made as per findings from the Web Core Vitals metrics, enhancing page usability and improving site speed.

Keyword & content strategy

Following keyword research and on-page analysis, we can construct a working document to track SEO changes and progress. By listing each individual webpage, along with its target set of keywords and page rankings, we can monitor over time how your content is working and make improvements to help it rank more effectively.

Google Analytics & Search Console

Key to learning about your website's page performance is the implementation of Google's highly-rated Analytics and Search Console tools. Your website will be connected up to these plug-ins so that we can track visitor interactions and analyse its Web Core Vitals.

Core Web Vitals improvements

Webpages perform better when they are tuned and easy to use. Google measures webpages by Core Web Vitals - in particular, their UX (usability) and page loading speed. By checking in on your website's Google Analytics dashboard, it's possible to work through Google's recommendations for improving site speed and enhancing user experience, bumping up your site's overall performance.

Link-building & page authority

To boost your website's authority, it's key to generate organic links to and from leading, high-authority webpages. We can do this by utilising reliable link-building techniques and directory entries.

Website Services
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What's involved in a project?

Good communication | Streamlined process.

Before starting your project, we'll have a brief, relaxed meeting over video/phone call to discuss your needs and your business requirements.


Once you've chosen your SEO package, I'll provide you with a clear outline of what services you'll receive and the information you'll need to send over - don't worry, everything will be communicated in plain English, without any technical jargon!


I'll keep you informed about how the project is going and will be on hand to discuss any questions you may have.


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